Error codes

An overview on error status codes, causes, and quick fix solutions

401 - Authentication ErrorMissing or Invalid API KeyEnsure you are using the correct API Key and supplying it correctly
404 - Not FoundInvalid Endpoint URL or model nameCheck your request is being made to the correct endpoint (see the API reference page for details) and the model being queried is available
429 - Rate limit reachedToo many requests sent in a short period of timeThrottle the rate at which requests are sent to our servers
500 - Invalid RequestMisconfigured requestEnsure your request is a Valid JSON and your API Key is correct
504 - TimeoutOur servers are overloaded with requests and could not process your request on timePlease try again after a wait. If the the issue persists, please contact support
503 - Engine OverloadedOur servers are seeing high amounts of trafficPlease retry again after a brief wait
529 - Server ErrorError on our serversThis is an issue from our end. Please try again after a wait. If the issue persists, please contact support

If you are seeing other error codes or the solutions do not work, please see the Contact Support page for help.