Account and billing

Create your account, access your API key, and understand pricing and billing.

Sign up for an account at We give you $25 to get started.

Access your API key

Upon creating your account, you'll be shown your API key on the initial welcome screen. You can access your API key at any time by clicking on the avatar in the bottom left corner, choosing 'Settings,' then choosing 'API Keys.'


For inference on models available as serverless endpoints, you pay just for what you use. Prices are per 1M tokens including input and output tokens. Details on prices can be found in our pricing page.

For inference on your own fine-tuned models, you pay per hosted hour for a dedicated instance. You can control when your instance is running through the web interface or by using the start instance and stop instance APIs.

Pricing for fine-tuning is based on model size, dataset size, context length, and the number of epochs. Estimate your fine-tuning pricing with our calculator in our pricing page.

Trial credits

Upon creating an account, you start with $25 as part of your free trial to help you get started trying out inference, fine-tuning, and learning the API. The minimum fine-tuning job is $5, so you can run several small fine-tuning jobs with these free credits.

When that is depleted, you can provide credit card details and convert to a paid account.

For a free user, the limit is 1 query per second. For a paid user, the limit is 100 queries per second.

Paid accounts

You'll be billed at the start of each month for usage during the past calendar month.

Access billing settings and view past invoices by navigating to and clicking on the avatar in the top right corner, choosing 'Settings,' and then choosing 'Billing'.


If you have questions or feature requests, contact our support team.