👋 Welcome to the Together AI docs! Together AI makes it easy to run or fine-tune leading open source models with only a few lines of code.

  • Inference - Use the API or playground to evaluate serverless models
  • Fine-Tuning - Fine-tune with a few commands and deploy your fine-tuned model for inference.
  • GPU Clusters - If you're interested in private, state of the art clusters with A100 or H100 GPUs, contact us.

Which model should I use?

Together hosts many popular models via our serverless endpoints. You can also use our dedicated GPU infrastructure to configure and host your own model.

When using one of our hosted serverless models, you'll be charged based on the amount of tokens you use in your queries. For dedicated models you configure and run yourself, you'll be charged per minute as long as your endpoint is running. You can start or stop your endpoint at any time using our online playground.

To learn more about the pricing for both our serverless and dedicated endpoints, visit our pricing page.

Check out these pages to see our current list of available models:

Don't see a model you want to use? Send us a request to add or upvote the model you'd love to see us add to our serverless infrastructure.

Next steps