👋 Welcome to Together docs. We can't wait to see what you build!

Together makes it easy to fine-tune or run leading open-source models with a couple lines of code. We have integrated 100+ of the world’s leading open-source models, including Llama-2, RedPajama, Falcon, Alpaca, Stable Diffusion XL, and more.

Use these guides to run inference, fine-tune a model, or learn more about our GPU cluster offerings, or learn more about us by navigating to our website.

API Reference

If you are ready to get started, navigate to the API Reference.

Remember to create an account to get your API key! For more set up details, please review Account and billing.


The documentation tab includes step-by-step overviews and examples of how to use Together API:

Together Compute

Together AI also offers private, state of the art clusters with A100 or H100 GPUs connected over 3.2 Tbps InfiniBand networks.

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